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world without cancer


One of the ways that we raise money for our cause is through the sale of the beautiful "Adventures of The Princess" products.  These products include books, prints, greeting cards and the very cuddly Mr Snuggles ™ teddy bears.

After The Princess' successful treatment for brain cancer she wrote 15 small books about funny things that occurred to her during her cancer treatment.

The books are all true stories and they cover the period from when The Princess became a Princess through to the living happily every after.

Given that laughter is the best medicine, these books have been written to make children and parents see a less serious side to being treated for a serious illness.  

Each of the products is available for sale online at The Princess' website -

Here are some examples of the beautifully illustrated books and prints and a cameo appearance of Mr Snuggles™.

Additional books and illustrations will be available as they are released so make sure you check The Princess' website regularly for updates.

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Purchase The Princess' books, prints, greeting cards or teddies.

​50% of the net profits will be donated

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I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver.
- Maya Angelou


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