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We are David and Sandra Roe (a.k.a "Roey and The Princess"), an expatriate couple that met, married and live in Hong Kong.

During a holiday to Hong Kong, Roey was introduced to Sandra as "The Princess" and since that day we have almost been inseparable.   Indeed, after proposing to The Princess on the Eiffel Tower (where else do you propose to a princess?), Roey and The Princess wed and started their married life in Hong Kong. 

Shortly after marrying, The Princess' faced quite a few health challenges but none of them were too serious.  Each of her ailments was treated and she returned to a reasonable state of health.

However, one day, The Princess started to lose her short term memory and shortly after she was diagnosed with Primary Central Nervous System Lymphoma (PCNSL) of the brain.  Within a week she was admitted to hospital to begin a very intensive, 8 cycle chemotherapy treatment program. 

The Princess received outstanding treatment and along with a strong adherence to a specific diet and supplement protocol, plus the wonderful support of family and friends, The Princess was cured.

In 2009, a year after her treatment finished, The Princess had the urge to write about her experience.  Her writing was shaped by her cancer experience as an adult but it was also shaped from her experience with cancer as a child.

As a young teenager, The Princess was diagnosed with Hodgkins disease.  After surgery and radiotherapy she survived the disease and went on to live a full life into her adult years.  Having had cancer as a child and as an adult gave The Princess a unique perspective on how children and adults manage their cancer diagnosis, treatment and post-treatment.

When The Princess started to write she realised that she wanted to write to make children and adults laugh.  With this in mind The Princess focused on writing books about funny things that occurred during her cancer treatment.  She also wanted to make sure that the books were beautifully illustrated so she teamed up with the very talented Kao Lee Thao, a Vietnamese-American artist.  Together, The Princess and Kao have created magic.

The Princess has now written 15 small children's books and the collection has become known as "The Adventures of The Princess".  Each book is a true story and it captures the journey from when The Princess first started to travel the world, met Roey, became sick, received treatment and went on to live happily ever after.

The process of writing the books has been a wonderful focus for The Princess.  Indeed, it has very much been a part of the recovery from her treatment.

Each day that we are given to live this life is a gift and The Princess and Roey plan on paying it forward through their own giving and serving.  RoesGiving is our small way of being a part of the cause to live in a world without cancer and we hope that you can support us in this cause by following our journey, purchasing The Princess' books, prints, cards or Mr Snuggles ™ teddies.

We would love to learn about your own story so please feel free to share it with us by sending an email or posting it on our Facebook page or Twitter account.

Have an awesome day - we dare you.

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